Houston’s Health Is Primary

The Campaign for the UH College of Medicine

We invite you to help us shape the future of medical education at the University of Houston! Imagine a medical school that focuses on health care versus sick care, educating the next generation of 21st physicians trained to deliver value-based primary care. While the University has provided the framework for success through a formidable medical infrastructure and expert leadership through Vice President of Medical Affairs and Founding Dean, Stephen Spann, M.D., it is now time to enlist a show of support from our dedicated alumni.

Your gift, of any size, to the UH College of Medicine will demonstrate to members throughout the community that you believe in our vision for higher quality care through personalized medicine. Contributions will have a profound impact on aspiring physicians’ capacity to deliver empathetic, expert medical attention to the underserved, ultimately producing positive health outcomes.

To direct your contribution to the UH College of Medicine, please visit our giving page. Additional information about the UH College of Medicine and the funding opportunities available can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact Connie Loyd at (713) 743-8116.