We’re invested in our students and our Houston home, which is why our University consistently ranks as one of the country’s “Great Value Colleges with Beautiful Campuses.” Environment matters — and the best students and faculty look for universities where they can flourish.

With this in mind, UH must set the pace for tomorrow’s standard of higher education, and refuse to be satisfied with buildings and technology from decades past. Access to the latest resources and equipment, including residence halls, laboratories, and athletics facilities, propels UH forward in all aspects. Pairing the energy of UH with the most up-to-date facilities can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

We’re well on our way to reaching our goals: innovative new facilities include the Health and Biomedical Sciences Building II and the Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering Building. When you contribute to new and renovated facilities at UH, you’re not only building new structures: you’re building futures.

For more information, contact Wayne Smith, Associate Vice President for Principal Gifts, at 713-743-8197, or wlsmith3@central.uh.edu.