Research & Innovation

As a Carnegie-designated Tier One public research institution, the University of Houston is pursuing an aggressive agenda to enhance and sustain its status as a premier research university. The Division of Research is enhancing research infrastructure, improving awards management, creating new intellectual property, and enhancing its capacity to secure additional funding. More than 25 research centers and institutes  at the University cover topics from advanced computing to community health.

But most importantly, the research conducted at UH makes a true difference in the lives of countless individuals, both on a local and global level. When you give to research initiatives at the University of Houston, you power an enterprise that affects all aspects of our society.

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Analysis of a Martian meteorite has uncovered evidence pointing to at least two billion years of volcanic activity at a single meteorite ejection site on Mars. This discovery confirms that some of the longest-lived volcanoes in the Solar System may be found on Mars. These results were published in the journal Science Advances, with Tom Lapen, professor of geology in the University of Houston’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, listed as first-author.

Researchers from the University of Houston and Houston Methodist Hospital are developing control algorithms, imagining technology, ultra-fast computational methods and human-machine immersion methods to harness the force from a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner to both image and steer millimeter-sized robots through the body, reducing the need for invasive surgery.