Scholarships at the University of Houston

Supporting Boundless Discovery

The University of Houston’s legacy as a college for working men and women and their sons and daughters remains as we continue in our mission to ensure student success. More than one-third of our students are Pell Grant eligible, and many are the first in their families to attend college. Our students come from 137 different countries, and we have the second-most diverse campus in the nation. Your gift of scholarships will continue this legacy by extending opportunity to those who have the drive and talent to accomplish the extraordinary.

The University of Houston aims to secure philanthropic investment in the following scholarship programs:

University Retention Scholarship

The University of Houston is resolute in our mission to secure access to a world-class education, ensuring that students are given every opportunity to succeed in out and of the classroom. To further enhance our commitment to our students’ long-term success, we are offering three-year retention scholarships to incoming students who enter the University as freshmen without an institutional merit scholarship and who exhibit high academic performance during their first year. University-based retention scholarships can have broad impact across campus.

Cougar Experience Scholarship

The University of Houston knows that college is a journey in its own right and offers the Cougar Experience Scholarship to encourage students to become more immersed in campus life. These scholarship recipients participate in activities that promote active engagement. With your investment, a scholar will live in a residence hall and have the opportunity to participate in two campus life activities during the school year. Research shows that students who live on campus are more successful in persistence and retention, have higher GPAs and take more credit hours than their peers.

College Based Scholarships

The University of Houston wants every student to have the resources they need to receive a Tier One education. Through nationally ranked programs, our colleges provide the optimum academic experience to engage, inspire and motivate. You can support scholarships in a specific college to allow students the freedom to realize their dreams and make real-impact throughout society.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

We invite you to partner with us as we prepare students to emerge as leaders who transform the world. You may contribute to an existing scholarship fund or create an endowed scholarship. An endowment is permanent and is carefully invested to provide income for scholarships. The principal continues in perpetuity as a legacy for the future.

Gift Commitment

Scholarship Current Use Endowed
Retention Scholarship $5,000 $125,000
Cougar Experience Scholarship $4,000 $100,000
College Based Scholarship $1,000 $25,000

For information about how you can help ignite the future for the next generation of leaders and scholars through scholarships, please contact Russell Dunlavy, Assistant Vice President of Development, at

Why Scholarships?


of UH scholarship recipients stay at the University and have a higher grade point average than non-scholarship students.


of new UH students receive some form of financial assistance, most of which is scholarships and grants.


of UH undergraduates are first-generation college students.

UH FlagRecruit academically prepared students to UH

Allow students to connect classroom to community

grad hat

Increase persistence toward a college degree

UH HandProgress toward social mobility and the economic well-being of our region

“An educated citizen is one brick in the foundation of a prosperous society. When a student graduates, she becomes an asset not just to herself or her family, but also to everyone in the society. Therefore, college education has been viewed – and should be viewed – as a societal good where access, success, inclusion and affordability are essential.”

Renu Khator
President, University of Houston

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