Academic Merit Scholarship
At the University of Houston

This special $6,000 naming opportunity will recognize the hard work of a high-achieving freshman student at UH through a renewable scholarship. With your support, you will help a deserving student achieve a Tier One education without incurring significant financial hardship.

  • Your three-year commitment will commence with a $2,000 gift by December 31.
  • Then, a freshman who has demonstrated high academic standing in his/her first year at the University of Houston will be awarded the Academic Merit Scholarship at the beginning of his/her sophomore year.
  • Over the next two years, your annual gift will renew the scholarship for the student, given that he/she maintains a competitive GPA.

Stewardship and recognition of your gift will be realized through the naming opportunity and the invitation to partake in informal gatherings with your scholarship recipient. You will also be provided with an annual written report detailing the impact of your gift.

The Academic Merit Scholarship will reward and retain a hardworking scholar, solidifying your much-appreciated partnership with the University of Houston and our mission to ensure student success long-term.

For more information:

Amy Leggio
Executive Director
Development – Scholarships at
713-743-7450 or