Do you want to promote the University of Houston at your business, so that we can take both our brands to the next level? Join Coogs for a Cause!

How to Participate:

Promote your business in partnership with the University of Houston!

Your company…

  • Tweets, Snapshats and Messages this special offer out through your Social Media outlets.
  • Includes UH’s logos on your website with links to UH’s website.
  • Presents proceeds from the promotion to the UH.
  • Provides a high resolution logo and a short summary of the promotion for use on UH’s social media outlets.

Let’s Band Together!

At the very institution where you recruit the next generation of workers, this cross-promotional collateral and social media presence lets your community know how much you value giving to the University of Houston.

It’s Simple:

What do you get in return from this cross-promotional experience?

Your business leverages increased recognition sales and customer loyalty, while the University of Houston is able to advance it mission of preparing the next generation of scholars for the workforce.

Coogs for a Cause Program Opportunities:

  • Point of Sales Transactions: A designated amount of the sale of a single item or transaction is determined to be the donation.
  • Portion of Sales Transactions: A portion of the sale of a single item or transaction is determined to be the donation.
  • Message Promotion: businesses are asked to help promote giving to the University of Houston without any direct financial contribution.

Sign up to participate for Coogs for a Cause here.