Engagement Continuum

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) uses the Engagement Continuum to map the stages of engagement and preferred outcomes between UH and a Corporation and/or Foundation. CFR works with faculty and staff to provide a holistic view of any corporation’s or foundation’s current engagement with the University as well as coordinate a comprehensive engagement strategy for the specific UH college/school/unit.

Strategic Relationship Goal: the purpose of generating an Engagement Continuum is to determine partnership opportunity through the intersection of UH initiatives and the corporation’s or foundation’s philanthropic vision. ​


Executive Engagement
Transformational Giving
Research Research
Alumni Engagement Alumni Engagement
Vendor Relationship Vendor Relationship Vendor Relationship
Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving
Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting
Tier 5 Tier 4​ Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1 (Top Tier)
Single Point of Engagement Managed Relationship Broad Based Engagement Tailored Partnership Strategic Partnership
Involved at one level with UH – No RM assignment More than one point of interest, requires OCR coordination – Intro to OCR RM system and various programs throughout campus Work closely OCR – Engaged across multiple units through recruiting, interested in research opportunities and MRA Programmatic Relationship – Engaged in multiple facets of at least 1 College, identified value-added opportunities for deeper relationship, Executive Leadership involvement and buy-in (Top 5 Partnership candidate) Relationship is long-term – significant and on-going financial contributions (philanthropic, sponsored research, etc), requires OCR coordination, Vanguard Society members and candidates ​​