Engagement Continuum

​​​​​The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations works with faculty and staff to provide a holistic view of any corporation’s or foundation’s current engagement with the University. The Strategic Goal of the Engagement Continuum is to determine partnership opportunity through the intersection of UH initiatives and the corporation’s or foundation’s philanthropic vision.

Engagement Opportunities Executive Engagement
Transformational Giving
Research Research
Alumni Engagement Alumni Engagement
Vendor Relationship Vendor Relationship Vendor Relationship
Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving Philanthropic Giving
Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting
Tier Tier 5 Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1 (Top Tier)
Type of partnership Single Point of Engagement Managed Relationship Broad Based Engagement Tailored Partnership Strategic Partnership
Partnership Level definition Involved at one level with UH – No RM assignment More than one point of interest; requires OCR coordination – Intro to OCR RM system and various programs throughout campus. Work closely OCR – Engaged across multiple units through recruiting, interested in research opportunities and MRA. Programmatic Relationship – Engaged in multiple facets of at least 1 College, identified value-added opportunities for deeper relationship, Executive Leadership involvement and buy-in (Top 5 Partnership candidate). Relationship is long-term – Significant and on-going financial contributions (philanthropic, sponsored research, etc), requires OCR coordination, Vanguard Society members and candidates.