Benjamin Diaz Villa (’21)

Mechanical Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering, The Honors College

Benjamin Diaz Villa

Benjamin Diaz Villa will obtain his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Cullen College of Engineering in Spring 2021. A Colombian immigrant and an American citizen, he is also a member of the Honors College and loves to play the piano as much as conduct research in aerodynamics. Benjamin is the 2020 Outstanding Junior of the Mechanical Engineering department and of the Cullen College of Engineering. He is also the founder and chair of the Young Latino Scholars Scholarship fund at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Houston. With a passion to motivate first-generation immigrant students to pursue a college degree, Benjamin hosted and directed this past summer an aviation/STEM camp for children in rural communities of East Texas, thanks to the Houston Scholars funding. On-campus, Benjamin is consistently involved in recruiting efforts for the College of Engineering as well as a member of the Advancement Ambassadors. Benjamin is looking forward to putting his knowledge and skills developed at UH to good use in the aerospace industry.