Ifeanyi Uzowihe (’21)

Finance and Marketing, C.T. Bauer College of Business

Ifeanyi Uzowihe

Ifeanyi Uzowihe is pursuing a degree in Finance and Marketing with a specialty track of personal financial planning and sales. He completed the sales program as a team leader and received his sales certificate. Ifeanyi was a pivotal member of the Bauer Ambassador Program when transitioning from an organization to a recognized program. Ifeanyi currently serves as an Advancement Ambassador for the University of Houston. He is a leader on the Young Life College team where he developed key leadership skills. Ifeanyi is serving his final two years at the university as a Residential Advisor where he creates relationships with students and helps them achieve their college career goals. Ifeanyi is a recipient of the Ted Bauer Undergraduate Business Scholarship. After graduation, he aspires to go into the financial service industry.