Digital Media, College of Technology, The Honors College

Madelyn Beard

Madelyne Beard is a senior in the digital media program with a focus in print and packaging and will be graduating in May of 2021. She is also a student within the Honors College and has enjoyed every minute of it. Currently, she is employed by the College of Technology as a teaching assistant, where she guides younger students to find their place in the program and develop their creative voice. After graduating, she plans to get a job within the packaging or print field, ideally becoming a package designer. Outside of the classroom, Maddie operates her own small Etsy shop where she sells acrylic charms, enamel pins, and stickers. She plans to expand her selection in the near future to include merchandise like art prints and apparel. Maddie is thrilled to be a member of the Advancement Ambassadors and is looking forward to working to enrich the lives of current students.