Maliha Mir (’22)

Biology, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Maliha Mir

Maliha Mir is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Houston’s College of Natural Science and Mathematics. She is a recipient of the Peggy and Bill Shiffick Scholarship and the Academic Excellence Scholarship. As an undergraduate student, she is avidly involved in various research endeavors in Social Psychology as well as in the field of Biomedical Engineering. She is currently working on a Splenoid project to research the viability of splenocytes using Flow Cytometry analysis. She is a H-LSAMP Scholar and serves as a tutor and peer facilitator for Calculus and General Chemistry at the UH Scholar Enrichment Program (SEP). Besides Academics, Maliha loves to volunteer and dedicate her time to the Shifaa Community Clinic, Multicultural Community Center (MCC), and the Houston Food Bank as a volunteer leader. She has worked as a content creator with multiple nonprofit organizations advocating for equality in education and providing educational mentoring services to refugees. She is also passionate about baking and loves writing short stories in her leisure time. As a Joint Admissions Medical Program (JAMP) Scholar, she has plans to attend medical school in Texas upon graduation from UH in 2022.