Mallika Tripathy (’21)

The Ambassador Legacy Project Group Lead, Honors Biomedical Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics,
The Honors College

Mallika Tripathy

Mallika Tripathy will obtain her Bachelors of Science in Honors Biomedical Sciences from the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Spring 2021. Along with being a member of the Honors College, she is a recipient of the Tier One Scholarship, which has enabled her to travel to Guatemala on a medical mission trip and observe healthcare from a global perspective. Mallika is also a recipient of the Provost Undergraduate Research Scholarship (PURS), and has conducted research on alternative pharmacological and cellular therapeutics for cancers within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UH. On campus, Mallika is a biochemistry & organic chemistry tutor for the American Chemical Society, executive board member for the Tier One Scholars, community health mentor to high school students, founder of Humanity First at UH, and Project Lead of the Ambassador Legacy Project Group for the Advancement Ambassadors. After graduating, Mallika looks forward to attending medical school.