Midhat Jafry (’23)

Biochemical & Biophysical Sciences, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Midhat Jafry

Midhat Jafry is currently in her second year pursuing her Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences at the University of Houston. A Terry Scholar, Midhat exemplifies leadership and prioritizes community service in many of her activities. Throughout her time as an undergraduate student thus far, Midhat has sought to promote philanthropy as she started the first chapter at University of Houston of Hearts for the Homeless, an organization dedicated to helping the homeless community particularly through heart health. She is the Secretary for the Partnership for the Advancement & Immersion of Refugees, an organization through which she actively volunteers to counsel refugee high-school students. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Midhat plans on attending medical school to become a physician to aid her community on the most fundamental physical level.