From a Shipping Container to a Solar Powered Computer Lab

Engineering technology students at the University of Houston College of Technology used their ingenuity to design and construct a mobile computing lab that is totally solar-powered.

Transforming the Landscape

More than $1 billion in construction projects have been completed at University of Houston System institutions over the past six years; even more transformation is on the horizon. Here are a few projects of the projects that will continue to change the physical landscape of campus on the coming years.

CLASS’ Oldest Graduate Completes Degree Alongside Son

It’s a father-son milestone that will take place on Mother’s Day and perfectly exemplifies that the University of Houston is an even playing field for all.

National Presidential Tour

The Highlight Houston National Presidential Events Tour is now the HERE, WE GO ROADSHOW! Join the University of Houston and President Renu Khator to learn more about the University of Houston’s $1 billion campaign as we tour the nation, honoring UH’s proud legacy, the alumni who cherish it, and our bold march toward a boundless future