texas research incentive program (TRIP)

Hobby Galapagos Consortium Steinway UH Moores School of Music


The Texas Research Incentive Program (TRIP) is a state-based funding program that matches a portion of private donations given toward research initiatives with public funds to help spur innovation and increase the state’s research activity.

The University of Houston is one of eight institutions currently eligible to receive funds through TRIP and the Division of University Advancement works to ensure every qualifying gift made to the University receives TRIP matching.

Only cash gifts are eligible for TRIP matching. Contributions from a government agency are not eligible. Pledges do not qualify, but pledge payments qualify. Gifts-in-kind and gifts of property do not qualify unless they were given originally for the sole purpose of research and sold for cash. Contracts or fees for service are not eligible for TRIP.

Qualifying gift purposes include:

• Endowed Chairs • Research Program Cost
• Endowed Professorships • Research Graduate Stipends/Fellowships
• Research Facilities • Undergraduate Research
• Research Equipment

Certain gifts are not TRIP eligible, including:

• Sponsored Research • Results/findings confidential
• Federal/state-funded • Shared IP or special rights to IP given to
• Contract for Services
• Deliverables are required beyond
standard financial and progress reports
TRIP matches cash research gifts of $100,000 up to $10 million
Cash gift of $100,000 to $999,999 50% Match
Cash gift of $1,000,000 to $1,999,999 75% Match
Cash gift of $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 100% Match


Match Received
11 Discipline/Units


UH Moores School of MusicSteinway Initiative
Moores School of Music, Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts

Through private donations and combined TRIP funds, the University was able to procure 23 Steinway pianos and ensure proper maintenance of these renowned instruments. The initiative has helped the University recruit top faculty in the field of piano and greatly enriched the experience of student artists.



Texas ConsortiumTexas Consortium for High-Risk Children
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

TRIP matching funds helped support multiple areas in the Consortium, supplementing important research in both the Psychology Department and the Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics (TIMES), which supports cutting edge research methods and metrics in behavioral, psychological, educational, and developmental outcomes of children and adults.



Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Surveys and Other Initiatives
Hobby School of Public Affairs

TRIP funds were used to support a number of endeavors in the Hobby School of Public Affairs including:

Hobby School of Public Affairs

    • Three post-doctoral fellows and four research assistants
    • A Deliberative Poll Survey on current immigration issues
    • A two-week summer institute on Empirical Implication of Theoretical Models (EITM), hosting researchers and students from across the nation teaching the NSF-inspired three step EITM framework.
    • Two regional surveys:
      • Houston Mayoral Survey
      • Hurricane Harvey Survey
    • Additional research reports and other initiatives


TRIP funds are used in a variety of ways to both maximize the impact of the original gift and to help support the University’s broader research initiatives. Currently, 50% of TRIP matching funds are combined with the original gift. This ensures the donor’s intention for the gift is fully maximized. The remaining 50% of matching funds are invested in other priority research initiatives as approved by the President of the University of Houston.


For more information on how your gift to the University of Houston can take advantage of the TRIP match and other matching programs, or to learn more about the impact of philanthropy on priority research initiatives at UH, please contact Russell Dunlavy, Assistant Vice President for Development, by emailing rtdunlavy@uh.edu.